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An intentional ambiguity.

We can’t change ourselves without changing the world. 

Wholes and parts.

Ratiocination is a wholesale replacement of thinking, which is done with the entire self, with calculation, the smallest part of thinking.

Self is self-reflexive.

The self is both invented and inventor, author and fiction.

Self and others.

Think for yourself; act with others.

Selves and others.

Boundaries are fine; borders are problems; walls are weak.

Capitalism is social power.

The one thing that cannot be a “big deal” is yourself, no matter how “successful” you are.

Self awareness is not his strength.

Self obliviousness would be more like it.

Why I’m talking about myself.

The ego emerges from a primordial frustration.

The company one keeps.

Your association with those authors speaks volumes about your self.

The world is the basic political category.

The subject is basically an apolitical category. If the subject is politicized, it has transformed into a self.