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Moderation, mastery.

Pleasure is the basic question of self-moderation. Pain is the basic question of self-mastery.

The contradiction is in the self.

Emotional validity is rarely self-consistent.

Playing with yourself.

How difficult it is to entertain a narcissist, especially when that narcissist is your self.

Four basic thoughts of the self.

(1) I am. (2) This is who I am. (3) This is how I compare with others. (4) This is why I am.

The never ending story.

Story-telling is the only thing keeping you together. Yet the stories, full of rage, are tearing you apart.

What is confidence?

A trust in oneself that exceeds its rational basis.

Why introspection is deception.

Your reality is between you and me, us and them—that is, entirely outside yourself.

For Edwina Barvosa.

Call no one happy until they are many.

I contain multitudes.

The aspiration to be one-self is driven by incoherence and measured by impossibility.

At the wayside.

You will see the way forward in worldly ways; you will see the way back in your ways.