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I am not an individualist.

I take my uniqueness too seriously for that.

Seriousness is a problem.

But seriousness is not a problem which can be seriously addressed in the spirit of seriousness.

The spirit of seriousness.

I am content with the fact that my colleagues don’t take me that seriously. I feel the same way about them.

For Rorty.

We need irony in public life because authorities are no longer serious. We need seriousness in private life because no ironist believes their love is a language game.

Aren’t you enjoying yourself!

Leftism among elites attempts to compensate for a lack of seriousness with an exaggerated identification.

Comedians are serious, as they should be.

I am terrified of people who are not constantly cracking jokes; in this day and age, they are the ones who truly believe nothing.

Can’t take it too seriously.

The Church condemned heretics for living in poverty, unlike those monks who only took the vow. 

A profile pic is like a karaoke video.

Both divert attention away from the performer in a way that says “What I’m doing isn’t too serious!”


Those who take themselves that seriously don’t have the right. Those who have the right to take themselves that seriously don’t have the inclination.

Riddle me this.

Why are all attempts to engage questions seriously riddled with serious clichés?