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A group of “the guys” makes sure to talk about having sex with “those girls.”

Sexual frustration runs rampant.

The reason is not that people are getting worse at sex, but that people are desiring nothing better than satisfying sex.

Legal inconsistency.

It’s legal to eat animals, but illegal to have sex with them? At least in the latter case, there is the slight possibility the animal will have a good time.

Not nature, not even natural.

Sex as a topic of conversation: it’s the new weather.

Lerche & Zizek.

Dialogue can be disguised monologue. Sex can be disguised masturbation.

Love and money.

A half-step up from sex and violence.


Aldus Huxley is reported as saying “An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” He forgot to add: “An artist is a person who has discovered that nothing is more interesting than sex.”

Articulated drives.

Violence cannot bear its silence. Sex knows how to get its way. Give either to half a chance; so to speak, they’ll talk all day.

Troubled kinship.

Gender is a bastard. Sex is a bitch.

Some diseases are sexually transmitted.

Sex itself is a socially transmitted disease.