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Our subjectivity is more than anxiety and sexuality.

Yet both anxiety and sexuality prevent us from seeing this truth.

The lesson of sexuality.

Tension holds many an association together.

Don’t read “the classics” in terms of identity.

If they spewed idiocies about race, nation, gender, and sexuality, who knows what else they could be wrong about?

Men want to be him, women want him?

Fine, but let’s admit that envy is also desire and desire is also envy.

Institutional inducements.

Both sexually repression and sexual obsession are by-products of the bourgeois family and its “law.”

Who is vulnerable here?

Sometimes the notion of statutory rape is more for the protection of the parents than the protection of the “child.”

So what if Disney movies are sexual.

The actual obscenity is that they teach children to romanticize aristocrats.

In and out, out and in.

Fashion is ridiculously sexualized like that.

It’s alright that you’re not into me.

We can’t all have impeccable taste.

Cheating as fidelity.

He bragged to his friends about exploits with a married woman. Homosociality is the final guarantee of heterosexuality.