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We’re swimming in the same fishbowl.

Unlike most of us, you can see the water. Why can’t you taste all the shit in it?

The Konmari method.

The only people buying this shit are the people who buy shit.

A heavy load.

The onus is the anus.

Welcome to the party, “outsider”!

First I’ll splatter shit all over your face and then I’ll spend the rest of the night wiping it off.

The book was beyond him.

The only thing this critic could with it was shit on it.

The flux.

You cannot step into the same pile of shit twice.

I’m up to my eyes in shit.

So forgive me for not opening my mouth.

It’s good enough to wipe my ass.

I have never been able to bring myself to throw out a roll of shitty toilet paper.

The shit.

Your thoughts have fertilized and enriched my own thinking.