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You’re looking for the wrong person.

Please remember that another person’s shoes aren’t supposed to fit. 

You’re just looking at my shoes.

You haven’t even tried them on, much less tried walking in them.

Pen and paper optional.

Give me a comfortable pair of shoes and I will think all day.

The jogger receded into the distance.

I might have given chase, but I don’t even own a pair of running shoes.

Shoes off.

I realize that the house of language will never be as tidy as I’d like it to be. But I’m not going to stop sweeping the floor just because I’m going to have to sweep it again.

Allegory of another man’s shoes.

My neighbor left his shoes out and I couldn’t help myself. I took a stroll around the block in them before returning home… to wash my feet.

Musique concrète.

Soles hitting the sidewalk in time with the chirping of crickets.