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Take passion out of your vision.

You’ll lose focus, if not your sight.

Size and sight.

These questions are so small, I have to squint to see them; even then, their significance is not at all clear. 

Your posts gets thousands of views.

I would be satisfied if a few minds could see this post.


Sight is seen once the “I” is seen.

Discerning and listening.

Sight is the power of wisdom. Hearing is the power of compassion.

The mind can see itself.

But, in so seeing, it cannot deny the existence of blindspots.

Moons and stars.

Seeing the body is like looking at the sun. Seeing the mind is like looking at the moon.

Would sight be better?

Love is blinded by passionate attachment, while justice is blinded by dispassionate distance.

A silent movie with sound.

I see your lips move. The meaning of your words comes later.

The importance of sight.

Blind is the trust that does not keep at least one eye on the entrusted.