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I can’t believe it’s not better.

“I can’t believe it’s not butter! Original” is the emblematic product in an age of “postmodern skepticism.”

What the skeptic believes.

Skepticism is the general condition for the rejection of all particular knowledge claims. As such, it is the disavowed object of belief.

Skepticism and superiority.

I’m not saying my mental and physical attributes prove that I’m superior. But we all have our suspicions.

Many an atheist.

If you want to see which side feels certain, despite their rhetoric of skepticism, check out who is arguing like their opponents don’t believe that 2+2=4.

Epistemological skeptic?

No, skeptical of epistemology.

Intellectual absolutism.

You know what you do not know? What certainty! You are skeptical of everything? What dogmatism! You are open to all ideas? What rigidity!

They effectively are what they essentially are not.

Scientists claim to be skeptics, but their authority forces them to be dogmatic; humanists claim to be committed, but their marginality requires them to be compromisers.

Credulous towards all the wrong things.

The skeptic towards every principle is often the biggest sucker for any product on the market.

Emotional ground.

Skepticism is the terrified reaction to the terrible fear of knowing.

A clean cut.

When I make a spontaneous discrimination, I exercise taste. When I give grounds for a discrimination, I exercise judgment. On this distinction, sarcasm is an acquired taste and skepticism is a tasteful judgment.