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“I will go to sleep at 11 pm.”

Many predictions of human behavior are actually promises.

Waking up is hard to do.

Some rise quickly at the first alarm; others take several alarms to rouse them; in most cases, the sleeper must set the alarm for himself.

You see much less than me.

But it’s not my fault that you go to sleep every night.

Awakening can be sudden or gradual.

It depends, at least in part, on how well you’ve been sleeping.

The next best thing to a clean conscience.

X: How do you sleep at night? Y: Well—with Ambien.

Activities and faculties.

A dreamer sleeps with an open mind.

The work of dreams.

A few nights of sleep are needed before an insight can be expressed as an idea.

Hegelian logic.

At certain point of quantitative intensification, the quality of something shifts into its opposite. So sleeping too much makes you sleepy, just as too much relaxation makes you tense.


It is your body’s way of saying you have something left to do before you sleep.

I sleep.

I do not sleep to dream.