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Dear Academics.

The difference between smart and stupid is not half as important as the difference between thoughtful and thoughtless.

Most smart people are idiots.

Why? Because they want their intelligence to be recognized.

Not smart.

Stupidity tries where the intellect lies.

What are the odds?

It’s hard to believe that some smart people also look good.

Body parts.

Better a smart mouth than a dumb ass.

What need for proof?

The good thing about thinking you’re smarter than everyone is you don’t get into arguments where you’re trying to prove you’re smarter than everyone.

Fantasies of knowledge.

Resentment towards smart people derives from the fantasy that they actually know something.

Authors of “Great Books.”

The likelihood that I’m not as smart as them is no grounds for silencing my disagreements.

Causes of confusion.

The stupid are easily confused. The smart are always confused.