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All those opinions and no place to go.

Better put your ideas into social experiments, where they are tested, than on social media, where they simply multiply.

Form versus content.

Social antagonism articulated on social media is immediately absorbed into the investment, competitive, and productive dynamics of data-driven capitalism.

Old school media.

I don’t write for followers. I still write for readers.

You’ve got loads of “followers.”

That doesn’t make you a leader.

The media is the message.

The last thing I’m going to do is go on social media to talk about how toxic social media is.

Sports I like.

Social media is for basketball, with occasional dunking. Peer-review journals are for boxing, with occasional knockouts.

“Twitter Followers.”

We are followers, yes. There is honestly in that naming.

Online urges.

I delete posts to remind myself that I have some control over how I appear.

Quantity over quality.

Sometimes sending and receiving “likes” is the perfect amount of social media interaction.

A working definition.

I forgot who my friends were—I’d better check my social media.