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Can “society” be known objectively?

That depends: is society mind-independent? And that depends: how mindless is it?

Societies and spiritualities.

No inner peace without outer peace is sustainable.

They find politics and society phony.

They seek authenticity in love and spirituality—not considering all the power and association in love and spirituality.

A face is a mask.

It can only function as a mirror of another mask.

Of course we need skyscrapers.

Where else would we store all those bullshit jobs?

Everyone is your friend at the rest areas.

But they become idiots who can’t drive the minute you get back on the interstate.

In your face.

Aggression only works against those with even less confidence and competence than the aggressor.

Sturdy, invisible, see-through.

Every glass ceiling for you is a glass floor for somebody else.

A dubious distinction.

Class and race are vying for the title of social division Americans least want to talk about.

Affect and class.

Middle classes were less resentful of the existing order than lower classes and less invested in it than upper classes. Nowadays, they are both more resentful than their “inferiors” and more invested than their “superiors.”