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The assimilated are now assimilating the assimilated-into.


It happens when one is born with ability, but little else.

I met a Kuwaiti today.

I smiled when he told me his name is Billy Bob. First, cause he goes by “Billy Bob.” Second, cause he reminded me that I go by “Fred.”

Seen from a position.

It is only “natural” for higher strata to look down upon lower strata.


Privileged people are not so stupid as to believe that they do not enjoy certain privileges. What they stupidly believe is that such benefits are their just deserts.

For good reasons.

A dominant group that denies that its dominance thereby denies its existence.

Not talking about it, of course, makes it go away.

You don’t talk about how much you earn in polite society. You don’t talk about how much discrimination you’ve faced either.

Social status.

It is hard to get worked up about status when you don’t have a society.

Researchers boast of unexpected results.

They suppose, on dubious sociological and psychological assumptions, that such results signal the absence of preconceptions or a willingness to accept truth.

Musical taste is like sexual taste.

I do not choose to like this musician or genre of music. Nor is my preference directly biological. The determinants of musical taste are biographical, historical, and sociological.