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Loneliness can only harm.

Solitude can only harm a mind unprepared for it.


Solitude prefigures that kind of death which thinkers pursue.

How long can I keep this solitude up?

That depends. How long am I going to live?

Don’t forget to write.

They came as far as they could. From there on out, he went alone.

All that I’d like to leave behind.

Anyone who thinks their solitude is the sign of superiority has not escaped the strictures of society in the least.

Sometimes, I’m just too caught up to reflect.

Then when I get a minute alone the need to think strikes me with a terrible urgency.

What is taken for granted?

Those engaged with what “I think” speak highly of their solitude and little of their individuality. Those immersed in what “they say” do just the reverse.