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How much is that space worth?

We clawed tooth and nail for every centimeter of hostile terrain. 

Why privilege time over space?

Your body may have been dislocated, but your self has never been dirempted.

It’s alright if you don’t want to settle.

The times are a great plain, with space enough for nomads of the spirit.

Mental space.

Some minds are so tightly packed that ideas haven’t got the room to maneuver.

At the wayside.

You will see the way forward in worldly ways; you will see the way back in your ways.

A family negotiates spaces.

Only a collectivity can open new horizons of struggle.

Months and months.

The U.S. government now places LBGT communities, disabled people, blacks, Amerindians, Asians, and Latinos each in their own time, refusing to recognize the antagonisms which cut across every social space.

Can a society not marginalize?

The very thought of that possibility marginalizes other spatial metaphors.


These bugs “invade” what’s “mine” only according to conventions they had no part in formulating.


The distance between one key on the piano to the next is “space.” The shape of my hand that produces harmony or dissonance is “placed.”