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How is written lie better than a spoken truth?

For that matter, how is a written truth truer than a spoken truth?

Chen, “Animacies.”

The point of a diagram is that it speaks for you.

One must because one can.

The unspeakable must be spoken.

She wasn’t necessarily listening when not speaking.

She only had a keen appreciation of what was not being said.

I can’t understand Typical Cats.

For all their lyrical brilliance, they have not grasped the elementary distinction between writing and speaking.

Speak for yourself?

There you again—demanding the impossible!

No expression lasts that long.

If you’ve got something to say, say it now.

Correctional facility.

I say “a bit” a bit too much.

They speak.

What They say is second only in importance to what They won’t say.

Speaking subject, subject speaking.

Are you tired of the subject? Then you might try shutting up.