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Interpretive arts.

A quite meaningless statement can still be meaningfully interpreted.

“That’s just how it is” isn’t a statement of fact.

It is an invitation into a reconciliation with any and all kinds of reality.

Ask the aphorist.

No statement can be sealed with the sign “no exit.”

Necessity and negation.

“A is not necessarily B” is easy to establish; “A is necessarily not B” is almost impossible to establish.

Statement and sentiment.

Statements on “human nature” directly express how some humans feel towards nature and indirectly express how some humans feel about society. 

Statement and sentiment.

The statement: “All are equally egoists” The sentiment: “I admit to pettiness and vanity. I’ll be damned if I admit to having any superiors!”

The multiple meanings of “truth-value.”

Neither the truth nor falsity of statements depends on the intention of the speaker. Speaking lies, though, can only be distinguished from speaking falsely by motivation.