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“The Protestant Ethic.”

It is amazing how much status achievement can be driven by status anxiety alone.

Status, fame, pleasure.

I wouldn’t follow your dreams; I’d dream dreams worth following first.

The academic marketplace.

Huxley defined an intellectual as “a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” Huxley knew of what he spoke; he did not say “more interesting than status and money.”

Religious wisdom.

The claim that wealth and status have no bearing on the afterlife can be secularized as follows: such things do no good for the living, either.

Social status.

It is hard to get worked up about status when you don’t have a society.

Wealth, fame, and beauty.

It is bad enough that you believe that your status makes you wonderful. It is even worse when They believe it.

Average is relative to population.

Your so-called merit is the sense of entitlement that stems from having the average capacities of a member of your status group.

Wishing for the impossible.

I don’t want to be rich. I just want the privileges of the rich to be decoupled from status and democratically enjoyed.