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You hate stereotypes because they are false and degrading.

You hate them even more, though, when you see yourself in them and your own belief in them.

Knowledge of the other.

Globalized media has made our stereotypes more fine-lined, yet more fixed than ever.

A token of affection from your friend, Token.

Your insistence that I am an “exception” is no compliment. It is your service to your delusional stereotypes.

Beware of phrases like “Not all blacks…” or “not all Muslims…”

What follows the “not all” is typically stereotypical nonsense about “the black” or “the Muslim.”

An appeal to style.

An addict too hip to think about higher aspirations or base incentives might at least consider their angst to be stereotypical.

Alternative media is good enough for me.

I am just as irritated by racist Hollywood stereotypes as the next Asian American. But I am equally irritated by Asian American desires to participate in mainstream Hollywood pap.