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The case for equality.

Strength attracts submission, weakness suffers domination.

Self awareness is not his strength.

Self obliviousness would be more like it.

Why so weak?

The strength of a culture is its capacity for appropriation and transformation; its weakness is its demand for assimilation and stasis.

Strength finder.

It takes mental strength to understand the strengths of an opponent’s arguments.

The strength to not blame.

The weak blame others because they must. The strong assume responsibility because they can.

The power of ideas.

The strongest mind is completely powerless without public support.

The personal isn’t always political.

One can rely on individual strength to “get ahead”; it takes collective power, though, to “move forward.”

An advantage of age.

Of the mental faculties, judgment is the only one whose strength can increase with age.


Strength can be disciplined. Power can be unruly.

It’s easy if you can.

The strength to lie alone in the dead of the night lends itself to the courage to stand alone in the light of day.