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Life is a struggle.

Life is a lot of other things, too.

Liberty before liberation.

The struggle for freedom is already the actuality of freedom.

A family negotiates spaces.

Only a collectivity can open new horizons of struggle.


Two can only struggle with love with love.

A left diagnostic.

From the right, we can learn how to fight like you mean it. Could this lesson even teach us how to bring life back to the party?

Left, right, no center.

A theory which accounts for both left and right wing politics is not centrist. It is either a leftist or rightist interpretation of the struggle between left and right.

The (lack of) spirit of the age.

Every petty struggle in a nihilistic age is immediately experienced as the struggle for meaning.

Sure, the struggle will change me.

I’m fighting for liberation, not the sameness of the self.

Judge, Jury, Executioner.

I stand Witness to the absurd struggle over the perquisites of offices.  

The marketplace of ideas developed from the battlefield.

Truth was not only the victor of the struggle, but also the stakes of victory.