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Learning process.

Actually existing socialisms are not unmitigated failures. They are, however, even farther from unmitigated successes.

Education bears no relation to “success.”

This, my fellow educators, must be our first lesson.

Conventionally-measured success?

As if there were any other kind? “Success” is the very index of a “convention.”

Dear avuncular advisors.

What would be “success” for you would be the death of “me.”

“Discipline” does not lead to “success.”

The only reason to discipline oneself is the enjoyment of self-mastery.


To succeed at failing—that is the challenge.

Happiness, success, etc.

The best revenge is still very bad.

Chua and Rubenfeld, “The Triple Package.”

Don’t ask why this group “succeeds” and that group “fails” in an industry. Ask what symbolic and imaginary role this and that group play for a collectivity.

What does it matter if I succeed or fail?

There is anxiety and unhappiness on either side.

You find cliché upon cliché in this “classic.”

But the very success of the book has made it cliché. And you are the kind of reader who has contributed to this disastrous “success.”