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A student suffers to learn and learns to suffer.

A teacher who makes learning fun deprives education of its unique pleasures.


After contingency makes the accidental sufferable, necessity makes the accident bearable.

Del Toro, “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Only in fantasy does one ascend to power by choosing to suffer rather than do wrong.

Your telling is bold.

Yet such sheer suffering is better left untold.

Learned from experience.

The basic question of spirituality is the meaning of suffering.


If I have caused you any suffering, I am deeply sorry—not to mention, secretly flattered.

Suffering from success.

To recover an insight which has become “dead dogma” is not to restore its original meaning. It is to resurrect the idea and return it to the living.

Against pity.

To share one’s suffering is to multiply it; to bear one’s suffering is to divide it.

Not overdoing it.

The spiritualization of suffering results only in the prolongation of pain.

Others have it much worse.

Sadistic is the solace found in the idea that others are suffering far crueler fates than yours.