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Covid19 world.

The lack of undue deference is not a lack of civility; it is simply that certain survival tactics have turned suicidal.


Anytime I want to criticize an ancestor as “insufficiently radical,” I remind myself that their struggles are what afford me half a chance at surviving.

Necessary for what?

Is ass kissing, biting your tongue, and toeing the line necessary? All that may be necessary for survival. All that cannot be necessary for growth.

Strategize only when on hostile terrain.

To survive, you will need a rough map, a few allies, and a way out.

Allegory of “The Quiet Place.”

You think silence means survival. It doesn’t. You need to know when and how to make a sound.

Luckily for the historian, it is not.

If the profit motive and private property were the only things that could induce humans to labor, the question of how the species survived up to the invention of capitalism would be the greatest historical puzzle.

Post-9/11 fantasy of “Battlestar Galactica.”

The future of humanity is English-speaking colonials fighting for their very survival against a species(!) they once oppressed.