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Inverted truth.

Most attribute their failures to a lack of diligence rather than a lack of talent—as if talent were accessible to all, while diligence were out of reach for most.

More or less.

“That talent is God given” makes more out of less. “That talent is due to genetic variation” makes less out of more.

Money and talent.

Earning lots of money takes a specific kind of talent. Just about any kind of talent, though, can be purchased with enough money.

One is sufficient, but not necessary.

Passion, lover, talent, friend, accomplishment.

Musical danger.

The tendency of the talented to be satisfied by their first take.

Fitter, happier, more productive.

A: If you are so talented, why have you so little to show for it? B: It takes pure talent to allow itself to waste away.

Take any field of competition.

The talent will be overrated by the untalented, underrated by the minor talents, and berated by each other.