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Fathers and sons.

I learned from my father how to not talk to people; how not to talk to people I picked up on my own.

Walking is talking.

The path you walk tells me exactly what you “believe.”

At the coffee shop.  

A big mouth slowly edges their way towards the door upon encountering an even bigger mouth.

Look who’s talking.

Little needs to be said among the very young or the very old.


The line between talking to oneself and talking to someone else is fine. The line is finest at the point one is talking about oneself.


X: Would you mind if we didn’t talk? Y: Not at all—I enjoy not talking with you.

Too smart for that nonsense.

The only thing more tedious than listening to an idiot talk about the idiocy of others is listening to an intelligent person talk about the idiocy of others.

There is a hand that feeds me.

Everyday I’m talking to this hand.

Why are you talking over the TV?

You must not understand that TV was invented to save us the trouble of talking.

Thinking with your gut again?

Well that explains why you’re talking out your ass.