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TV will be there for you.

“Friends” is a show for an obnoxiously lonely society.

A year in Granville, Ohio.

Small town gossip is more entertaining than the trashiest of television. Yet I still prefer the idiot box. 

I saw that on TV.

If people once learned “life lessons” from novels, I guess it’s only mildly ridiculous that people model themselves on TV characters.

“The Good Place” S2EP10.

It took a demon to rediscover the fundamental ethical move: generate a new option that refuses the dilemma given.

They will not recognize the force of reason.

These students only respond to market incentives and TV-professor shenanigans.

The right thing in the wrong place.

The sci-fi channel stands to science fiction writing as the history channel stands to historical writing.

Out and about.

Most people learned how to act by watching TV.

Primetime television.

Warning: may be inappropriate for adults.

Why are you talking over the TV?

You must not understand that TV was invented to save us the trouble of talking.

Criticism where consciousness fades.

I falling asleep in front of the television to drown out those nagging doubts.