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Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.

Identification of “the people.”

Everything the ancient Greek oligarch said against the demos, the modern American elite can say against the middle class.

A democratic paradox.

“The people” is a part of “the people.”

“The people” is a floating signifier.

On certain events, it is fixed upon the streets, the countryside, or even the government.

Dai Sijie, “Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.”

He loves the West and the West loves him. He hates the people, Chinese or otherwise.

A few questions.

“Who are the people?” is a question which cannot be answered. “Where are the people?” is a question which can only be answered by pointing.

Political negations.

The social = Nobody. The people = Not One. The private = Nowhere. The public = Not Many.

The feeling is not mutual.

The people do not care for democracy. But democracy’s only concern is the people.

Reflections on the Edsa Revolution.

The masses achieve glory in accomplishing the tremendous No which is known as “The People.”

Massive protests.

The people showed up spontaneously. The politicians and planners didn’t like that.