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There is no neutral definition of politics.

There are only democratic, liberal, capitalist, fascist, anarchist, socialist, etc. conceptions of politics.


The political question is friend or foe; the social question, high or low. 

Too soon?

Post-structuralism was premised on the eradication of the political. It is all too clear that the political has eradicated post-structuralism instead.

Sacralization of the secular.

To argue that action can redeem existence is to ask of the political what it cannot deliver.

The problem is political.

We have all put you first.

Every binary implies a triad.

To take a political example: there are friends, enemies, and neutrals.

A family negotiates spaces.

Only a collectivity can open new horizons of struggle.

Parsing the social, the political, and the private.

The problem is that marriage is completely socialized (discriminatory to oppressive). Marriage must be politicized (that is, equalized) for the sake of privacy (in the sense of intimacy).


Fear of silence is a characteristically social anxiety; fear of being silenced is a characteristically political preoccupation.


Each of the four central political concepts has a social doppelgänger: Equality has sameness, Authority has value, Freedom has choice, and Order has norm.