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The political question is friend or foe; the social question, high or low. 

So what if social life is performance?

The question is still if such a life is pleasurable.

Ironic times.

No, irony is not the mark of your sophistication. It is the mark of your self-reflexive conformism.

Two paths of loneliness.

The loneliness of the shooter is radically anti-social; the loneliness of the conformist is radically social.

Seeing the social.

To grasp something made out of concepts, you will need to see through concepts.

A family negotiates spaces.

Only a collectivity can open new horizons of struggle.

“Oikos” as root of “economy.”

If political leaders are household managers, then social conflicts are as undignified as family squabbles.

Parsing the social, the political, and the private.

The problem is that marriage is completely socialized (discriminatory to oppressive). Marriage must be politicized (that is, equalized) for the sake of privacy (in the sense of intimacy).

Wealth, fame, and beauty.

It is bad enough that you believe that your status makes you wonderful. It is even worse when They believe it.


Fear of silence is a characteristically social anxiety; fear of being silenced is a characteristically political preoccupation.