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All in good measure.

Theory comes down to exaggerating just the right amount.

Theory is something else.

The thinker, not theory, is the “product” of thinking.


The Twitter theorist cares too much about what others think. The philosophical diarist cares too little.

You wonder why it is dying?

Most works in academic theory express an exquisitely developed, unbelievably parochial point of view.

Betray to be faithful.

Appropriately enough, “deconstruction” has meanings completely different than the ones Derrida “originally” articulated.

“Eat, Pray, Love, Theorize.”

You’re a first world academic doing an ethnography of third world “subjects.” We get it. Now get on with it.

Philosophy and/or theory.

A philosopher is somebody who works on fundamental problems. A theorist is somebody who works on unsolvable problems. 

Why do we call it “non-fiction”?

Because “fiction” is the default.

Who is utopian?

F.A. Hayek, a second rate philosopher, must be dismissed along with Plato, the first among the utopian theorists.

Calling something something else is not conceiving it.

Doing so is a calling for a genuine conceptualization.