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Theory is something else.

The thinker, not theory, is the “product” of thinking.


A genius is a thinker who is only 50% full of shit.

A martial artist doesn’t pick fights.

However, a thinker does go around starting arguments.

The gold standard of science?

There is a strong correlation between thinkers who predict and predictable thoughts.

Victory as defeat.

The greatness of this thinker has been recognized. Everyone repeats their phrases without the slightest thought as to their meaning.

Great writers are always great thinkers.

What a shame, though, that great thinkers are often terrible writers.


The thinker who longs for a home in this world is like the immigrant who tries to recreate his old world or fit into the new one.

Here is one of my ten.

A thinker has at most ten good ideas.

There is no rock bottom.

Illusions of solid ground, though, have made some impact upon thinkers who have fallen into the abyss.