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Reading defined.

A very curious kind of thinking.

Thinking for yourself.

The great challenge for “subaltern” thinkers is trusting the thoughts that happen to be “yours.”

I think beyond our present.

I probably won’t get there, but I suspect many others will.


Thinking without the trace of writing.


Thinking without the slightest thought of publication.

Do we need to rethink everything?

Maybe. But that’s not what you’re doing. You are doing the same old marketing.

Do we need to rethink everything?

Yes. Every “thing” is thought, and every thinking is already a rethinking.

Thinking, writing.

Writing is a worldliness that breaks through the narcissistic circuits of thinking.

Thinking and seeing.

Good: think about your thinking. Better: see there is thinking.

Sounding deep.

I would give this truism a nice turn of phrase, but I wouldn’t want to give fools another thing to not think about.