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Wholes and parts.

Ratiocination is a wholesale replacement of thinking, which is done with the entire self, with calculation, the smallest part of thinking.

Thinking is not necessarily good for your career or for politics.

The only thing it has reliably done is made habitual thinkers slightly less stupid.

There are no singular, overwhelming intellects.

There is only “general intellect” that misrecognizes its own process of production.

Are my sights set too high or too low?

I think the primary task of thinking is to make us less stupid and more clear about our stupidities.

It’s all a manner of speaking.

Thinking is silently speaking to yourself, writing is silently speaking with others.

Think before you speak.

Ask yourself if you are contributing to a conversation or competing against others.

Self and others.

Think for yourself; act with others.

Reading defined.

A very curious kind of thinking.

Thinking for yourself.

The great challenge for “subaltern” thinkers is trusting the thoughts that happen to be “yours.”

I think beyond our present.

I probably won’t get there, but I suspect many others will.