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Arts and crafts.

The art of thought is performance. The craft of thought yields productions.

How could thinking come to an end?

So long as there is life, there will be thought.

I did not become radicalized.

Politics is radical, and thought must be equally so.

Is this “critical thought”?

Everything is problematic, including the act of calling everything problematic and the calling into question of this act.

Getting ahead of ourselves.

Our lives would be a heap of unrelated incidents if we did not think ourselves other than what we are.


Solitude prefigures that kind of death which thinkers pursue.

The melodies change, but these songs are the same.

You will never perceive this if you “flow” with your sensations.

Three folds.

There is all the difference in the life of the mind between thinking, thoughtlessness, and not-thinking.

Perish the thought.

Those ideas are not eternal; they are just extremely fixed.

Censorship internal or external.

A censored thought is not always one worth suppressing.