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Online entity with all my thoughts and feelings.

Whatever it might be, it sure as hell cannot be identified as “me.”

Four basic thoughts of the self.

(1) I am. (2) This is who I am. (3) This is how I compare with others. (4) This is why I am.

Ivy League idiocy.

A prestigious education could be blamed for your generic thoughts. But plenty of original minds have overcome your disadvantages.

Thoughts and feces.

A proper examination of them presupposes they have been expelled.

The words are as cutting as ever.

Only the intention moving within them is compassionate.

He spoke three languages well.

His thoughts were ill considered and narrow minded in all three.

Unsexy thoughts.

The easiest way to stop thinking about sex is to start thinking about thinking about sex.

Twisted thoughts come from a twisted mind.

And from what I have seen of your emotions, I worry about the condition of your heart.

You call that an idea?

I have bigger thoughts than that while sitting on the toilet. It would best to flush and forget.

A gadfly isn’t going to cut it.

Thoughts are not taken seriously enough for your thoughts to be dangerous. They are considered irritations.