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Who needs “Back to the Future”?

“X-Men: Days of Future Past” is that rare time travel movie, where the point is to both appreciate the present and change the future.

The time travel genre.

Edward Bellamy, 19th c. progressive, travels forward to criticize the present. Robert Zemeckis, 20th c. conservative, travels backwards to save the present.

It has always been possible.

Every day you move into the future, all the while fantasizing that time travel is not yet possible.

We can move freely through time.

But we don’t need “high technology” and fancy machines to do it.

Time travel is a thought experiment.

The fiction of eternity is the question of negating or affirming all that has happened and all that will come.

Two-timing in more ways than one.

Inuyasha is torn between a resurrected beloved from his past and her reincarnated double that has traveled back in time.