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Is this time different?

It doesn’t matter when this time is; every time is different.

It takes time to be humane.

It takes even more time to be human.

Political grammar, political time.

“What could have been” for the past, “what may well be” for the present, “what will have been” for the future.

Why privilege time over space?

Your body may have been dislocated, but your self has never been dirempted.

I think beyond our present.

I probably won’t get there, but I suspect many others will.

Please be realistic.

“What is” contains not only “what was” and “what will be,” but also “what could be” and even “what could have been.”

Who wants to live forever?

I’d rather live well for as long as I can.

Sure, these ideas are timeless.

The point of writing about them, however, is to bring them back in time, where they belong.

Timeless, time-bound.

The political genres are allegory and myth, historical and science fiction.

Socialism is a phase.

Given enough time and consistency, every socialism is an anarchism.