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It is hard to escape traditions.

The modern world, for instance, is full of anti-traditional traditionalism or traditional anti-traditionalism.

You must re-learn what has been learned.

This process of passing down to posterity is re-search.

Wu, “The King of Masks.”

A tradition must bend or else it will break.

The last word cannot be theirs.

So long as a tradition lasts, the ancients will only have had the first word.

Foundational ambivalence.

The United States, founded a break from one tradition, has a now hostile, now fetishistic attitude towards all traditions (those supposed to be its own or otherwise).


The last true thinker in the European philosophical tradition will not be a European, a philosopher, or a traditionalist.

Meanings of Life.

Tradition offers substantive solutions to the question of Life: one lives Ethically, Hedonistically, etc. Late-modernity replies with two formal, meta-solutions: to live meaningfully is to live like you mean it, to live meaningfully is to live with meaninglessness, etc.

Time works wonders.

A tradition is made up of very long trends.

My tradition.

Whenever anyone starts to talk about my “intellectual heritage,” my eyes begin to water—from all the wool.