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Use discernment.

Sometimes we must hear both sides to discern truths. Sometimes listening to both sides is the falsehood.

Truth is easy to remember.

But most of what is remembered is falsehood.

Our subjectivity is more than anxiety and sexuality.

Yet both anxiety and sexuality prevent us from seeing this truth.

How is written lie better than a spoken truth?

For that matter, how is a written truth truer than a spoken truth?

Who is more delusional?

Scholars interested in ideas and truth see themselves as special. Scholars interested in prestige and power, though, believe all scholars are like them.

Neo-fascism is neo-colonialism.

We will never defeat an enemy who bears a truth in distorted form without accepting that truth in its true form.

What is truth?

The thing about Truth is it is more definitely interested.

“Truth” is now “accuracy.”

This notion responds to “post-factual” sickness—but it is, in truth, also sickening.


You know that it is true. You just don’t see that it is true yet.


Be wary of the friend who emphasizes how right you are whenever you state some trivial truth. They must take you for an imbecile or an enemy.