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Sources of conviction.

Why would anyone who has nothing but truth on their side have any interest in questioning the very notion of it?

I want to hear your opinion.

If I wanted to hear the truth, I’d shut my mouth and my ears.

The truth is untrue here.

One who claims to speak truth in matters of opinion wants to cheat.

The meanings of “literal.”

Literal truth is, to be quite literal, truly a contradiction in terms.

One dead sooner, another dead a little later.

Socrates went to his death to prove a point, whereas Galileo negotiated to save his life: this is the decision between ethical truth versus value-free knowledge.

Researchers boast of unexpected results.

They suppose, on dubious sociological and psychological assumptions, that such results signal the absence of preconceptions or a willingness to accept truth.

Inverted truth.

Most attribute their failures to a lack of diligence rather than a lack of talent—as if talent were accessible to all, while diligence were out of reach for most.

Everything she says is true.

However, she deprives truth of its very life by speaking in the voice of reason.

Beauty, good, truth, etc. are superfluous.

But nothing is more superfluous than Consciousness, the condition which makes all “values” possible.


These liars are not imaginative enough to tell the truth.