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A paragraph length sentence is no sign of intelligence.

It only indicates the speaker or writer neither knows how to punctuate nor understands what to omit.

Vico reversed.

We can understand least what we have made ourselves: history.

Love is not quite infantile.

Hence juveniles have the deepest understanding of it.

Dominant and subaltern.

I understand what you’re doing to me much better than you understand what I’m doing with you.

Mental suffering.

It is bad to suffer from an ignorance that one does not know; it is even worse to suffer from a knowledge that one does not understand.

You will never figure out why you did that.

The question to focus on is who you have become in doing that.

Some argue to win.

Others argue to understand.

First, do no harm.

Second, make sure you understand what “harm” is.

Standard practices.

I have a toolkit of many different standards, a skillset of different ways to deploy them, and an understanding of when to suspend them.

You understand what I’m saying?

Talk about pandering to deep fantasies!