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Is the United States a superpower?

That nation, it turns out, is more violent than powerful. It is rather the people that bear the power to shape change.

The Clash of Civilizations?

More like a clash of U.S. and Chinese empires.

US black radicalism (1950s-1970s).

The only social revolution in the US had communist elements, but it was not specifically communist.

The U.S. Empire is collapsing.

If you can’t handle it gracefully, at least do it less crazily.

Identification of “the people.”

Everything the ancient Greek oligarch said against the demos, the modern American elite can say against the middle class.

Model minority, yellow peril.

White Americans figured Asian Americans could solve “the problem” of black Americans. Yet their solution is yet another “problem people.”

De Tocqueville, “Democracy in America.”

Only an American could think that democracy is merely a form a government; for anyone with experience of aristocracy, democracy is clearly a form of society.

For whom is this staged?

The House expressed “regret” over an exclusion act most Chinese people in the U.S. know nothing about. The real audience of these apologetics, the Big Other, was pleased.

Bearing the unbearable.

The Midwestern town is not bad when you pretend that none of the townspeople are around.

Liberal-democracy is dead.

Long gone are the days “we” at least used to pretend to stand for something “higher” than wealth accumulation and naked power.