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Multiculturalism is a slight improvement.

The myth of manifold unity has surpassed the myth of simple unity in the nationalist imaginary.

Plurality contains unity; unity contains plurality.

However, plurality accommodates unity more easily than unity accommodates plurality.

I contain multitudes.

The aspiration to be one-self is driven by incoherence and measured by impossibility.

Plurality of unity.

One great teaching spreads through an infinity of sectarian splits.

Dualism, monism.

The dualist points out that dualism and monism oppose one another. The monist points out that the problems dualism and monism are one.

Is humanity one?

The humanist fears the possibility that there is more than one thing called “humanity.”

Suppose that humanity is one.

If so, then humans are bent on self-harm, self-contempt, and self-doubt.

Unevenly divided and at odds.

The more one examines the self, the more the self appears to be not one.

Human unity is above or below humanity.

If humanity is the human realm of division, diversity, and difference, then unity can only subtend or transcend humanity.

Did somebody not say nationalism?

“We are one” is intended to be an inclusive message, but its meaning is exclusionary in the extreme.