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Back to school, fall 2020.

Classroom energy is way better than Zoom fatigue.

Two signs of crisis.

1. The adoption of the academic celebrity system. 2. The decline of the academic celebrity system.

Prestigious University Press, 2000.

Your recent allowance of contractions only underlines the pretentious conventionality of your catalog.

A strong suspicion.

This professor-turned-bureaucrat has never experienced intellectual pleasure.

I received my Ph.D. yesterday.

I have just one question left: “Dude, where’s my cab?”

The university absorbed the left.

Today’s university feels no need to “buy off” radical intellectuals, who in professing the discourse of the university have no purchase whatsoever.

Such great heights.

The modern university is more like a tree house than an ivory tower. 

Commoner snobbery.

I am proud to say that I have never applied to study at an ivy league university. However, I am not too proud to have never applied, say, to work at one.


Trying to use the university to radicalize society is like trying to use a bassoon to hammer a nail.