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Nobody said utopia would be perfect.

We only said it will be far less imperfect than the heterotopias.

Look—do not touch!

The displacement of utopian by dystopian fiction is effected by conservative anxieties.

Morris, “News from Nowhere.”

Chapter 13 says it all: Utopia has no place for politics.

Psychoanalytic anti-utopianism.

Home is no place, least of all within yourself. 

Who is utopian?

F.A. Hayek, a second rate philosopher, must be dismissed along with Plato, the first among the utopian theorists.

H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine.”

The dystopian vision of industrial capitalism is undercut and strengthened by its fear of monstrous workers.

Talk about utopia!

You claim to have found an honest hegemon.

Freedom and love are both utopian.

But if love is eternal, then only the desire for freedom is not absurd.