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Why do I study?

I have the arrogance to anticipate that I will have something worth saying.

Asserting the value of the subaltern changes nothing.

Taking our own value for granted, but differently than the dominant does, changes everything.

I’m not positive death is bad.

But if it is, it must be bad in itself; it cannot be bad for the dead. 

There is too much to read?

No, there is not nearly enough worth reading.

Happiness, success, etc.

The best revenge is still very bad.

The art of studying.

There is a value in studying something closely, even if that something is not worth knowing.

What if I am never “recognized”?

It is not as if my life would lose its “value.” Like innumerable everyday lives lost every day, it will only be forgotten.

Value theory.

The highest common dominator sets the lowest common denominator.

A fact/value distinction.

Even if you could demonstrate that some people have a predisposition to kill other people, I would deny that you have found a genetic basis for “murder.”

The universal equivalent?

That they are not in it for the money does not rule out the possibility that they are in it for the comparative value.