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Beauty and Wisdom.

What lasts much longer than fresh and hip? 

You only cite “the canon.”

You think you are maintaining high standards of value. Some of those books are of value, but your values are trash. 

You can only compromise between values.

You can compromise between distinctiveness and commonality; you cannot compromise between distinctiveness and genoicide.

Discerning eyes.

Many can see the difference between genuine and fake goods; few can tell the difference between genuine and fake values.

Wealth, fame, and beauty.

It is bad enough that you believe that your status makes you wonderful. It is even worse when They believe it.

Beauty, good, truth, etc. are superfluous.

But nothing is more superfluous than Consciousness, the condition which makes all “values” possible.

Crisis of finance capital.

What a society considers a crisis signals what it considers to be its highest values.


Every demonstration of higher value is a demonstration of the lowest values.

Facts are not the opposite of values.

Facts have no single opposite and a multitude of others.

Higher values or higher privileges?

Rich folks can’t know the difference between not caring about money and not having to worry about money.