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“Angry Asian Man.”

Not all anger is born of vanity; some of it is grounded on self-respect .

Humility, modesty, vanity.

Wit, and even genius, is no compensation for what one lacks in modesty.

Let’s not call it “vanity.”

I prefer to think of it as “pectoral and abdominal empowerment.”

No love is in vain.

Not unless that love is an expression of vanity.

You admit that you think you’re all that.

The minor virtue of your honesty perfectly balances against the minor vice of your vanity—what beautiful symmetry!

The pick up and the put down are arts.

Vanity is your friend in the former and your enemy in the later.

Vanity systematically distorts the senses.

My ugliness looks attractive, my stupidity sounds smart, my bitterness tastes sweet, my bullshit smells good, my coarseness feels smooth.