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Riley, “Sorry to Bother You.”

Why animalize humans rather than automate labor? The pleasure of domination and violence depends on a relation between living beings.

Two kinds of violence.

An outbreak of violence occurs against the structural backdrop of slow violence.

Mass shootings, government crackdowns.

What is breaking down even faster than civility is authority, for which violence has never been a workable substitute.

Pang Brothers, “Bangkok Dangerous.”

The natural, innocent purveyor of violence is banished from the realms of speech and love.

Revolutionary war.

Most “fight the system” movies cannot imagine revolution as anything other than the skilled utilization of violence.

Violence and/or authority.

Violence can signal either the absolute lack or the absolute plenitude of authority.

Shoot the messenger if it pleases you.

If you receive the message, I will be satisfied.

We will never tire of talking about sex and violence.

This is only to be expected of two experiences structured by the principle of endless repetition.

A distinctively political claim.

The use of violence in politics indicates, yet covers over an elementary impotence.


A homosexual man, posing as a heterosexual woman, posted an ad offering blowjobs to heterosexual men. A heterosexual man, discerning the “true identity” of the original poster, responded with a homophobic rant. Here the violence of the heterosexual man is no less sexualized than the ruse of the homosexual man.